Balena Dash Project Won't Display

I’m going through this tutorial to set up a digital picture frame, and I feel like I’ve gone through all the steps correctly, but my Raspberry Pi will only display the Balena logo and nothing else. I’m using a Raspberry Pi Zero W and Win 10 if that helps, and I’m just using the standard Command Prompt there.

I’ve already set up the device and connected it to my project, which it connects to just fine. It boots up and displays the Balena logo as expected and it connected to my WiFi just fine. I downloaded the Balena CLI tools so I could log in and push updates to the project, and that seems to work as well. I downloaded the most recent Balena Dash file from here, extracted it to a folder, navigated to that folder in Command Prompt, and used "balena push " to push that build to my project. It seems to have pushed to it just fine, but after I set up the “WPE_URL” environment variable to the Google home page, nothing happened. All I see is the Balena logo still, nothing has changed. I have no idea what I’ve done wrong, but I’ve gone over the instructions a dozen times and I can’t seem to find anything that I’ve done wrong. I set up the device with Balena, I downloaded the Balena Dash project and pushed it to my Raspberry Pi successfully, so why doesn’t it seem to be displaying the “WPE_URL” environment variable I set up?

Does anyone have any ideas on what I might’ve done wrong? Would it be because I’m using a Raspberry Pi Zero W? Everything I’ve read seems to imply a Zero W should still work with this project. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as it’s a gift for this weekend and I’d like to get it fixed before then.

looks like you are not using the right hardware. The guide you are following asks for a Raspberry Pi 3B and it seems that the Pi Zero W does not dot the job.