Only text output on Balena Dash WPE, no youtube/web (Raspbery Pi Zero)

I’m following the Web Frame tutorial; as I’m sure many people have. I am using a Raspberry Pi Zero + Wifi dongle. I have pushed the balena-dash to my device and the WPE and Scheduler service are running. I have also added a WPE_URL variable to the device.

Putting me at the “Give it a try” part of the tutorial. However the only thing that displays on my monitor is the following which repeats forever:

I can touch my device from the Projects Dashboard, restart/stop services etc.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Hey @dmchild, unfortunately the balenaDash project doesn’t run well on the Raspberry Pi Zero as it required more processing power than the PiZero can supply.

Could you try to run this project on a RPi 3, this should fix your issue.


Is there some documentation that I missed about what balena projects will run on the rPi0? Or maybe the specs required for balenaDash?

Thanks for the quick reply.

Hey @dmchild, balena projects work on the Pi Zero, you can check, for example this one

The issue is that the balenaDash project is a little bit more resource intense, therefore won’t work on the PiZero.

Cheers :wink: