Balena Basic Station external LED Strip

This doesn’t really effect how my Basic Station interfaces with TTN. Everything is working well. I wanted to add some extra flair to an enclosure I 3D printed. On the normal Raspbian OS I know how to add and control an LED strip or individual LED’s. I want to know how to go about adding either an LED strip or individual LED’s to the Gateway. Is this possible, will this negatively impact the gateway? I would like to be able to change it’s colors depending on Connectivity status and possibly have the option to turn this feature off from either the TTN console, or other means such as adding the AWS IoT SDK to the device (If that’s even possible). I can write the program in Python of C++, but I have no idea how I would make it run upon boot up of the gateway. Is this possible?

Hi @currydem
How do you want to check the connectivity? Via de packet broker API might not be real time so it won’t probably work as expected. Another option is checking the logs of the BasicStation container t see if it is connected or not. Not sure what messages to parse but I wrote some scripts last year to parse them and get ome metrics (messages sent/received in time buckets) from a different container, it might help you as a starting point: GitHub - xoseperez/packet-forwarder-loggers: Set of parsers and loggers to monitor metrics from a LoraWAN Packet Forwarder running inside a Docker container

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I was thinking more of using the logs to determine if it is trying to connect, or if it failed, or if it is successfully connected. and thank you, I will give it a shot!.

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Let us know if this works @currydem

Thanks @xoseperez for the support!