RAK831 +RPI3 Gateway

Dear @mpous a few days ago I wrote to you about this problem with the RAK831.

I am trying to migrate and connect this gateway through balena to TTSV3, although at the beginning the connection occurs after a few seconds the connection is not refreshed and it is offline and does not reconnect until restarting the gateway locally.
I wanted to share the information I have with you. I can share the log with you privately

Hello @johncaipa welcome to the forums!

I have some questions to help me to understand your issue ! What code are you using for this application? are you using the basicstation?

on the other hand, are you using the RAK831 SPI or USB? are you using any specific Pi hat?



Hi @mpous I followed this guide to use basicstation, deploy and install this image: balena-cloud-basicstation-raspberrypi3-2.72.0+rev1-v12.3.5.img
I have the RAK831 SPI like this


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Sorry this is the configuration I made and the device I have, and it is with these that I have the problem, sorry if I do not express it well.

Thank you @johncaipa actually this is a SX1301. I don’t have exactly the same one but it works with my SX1301! Do you think you can grant me support access to your device so i can check the error personally?

Hi, no problem, let me know how to do it and I give you access.

Hi @johncaipa, To grant support access visit the applications page, in the sidebar you can see the actions item visit that and you will be able to see “Grant support access” . You can read more in depth guide here.


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Sorry for responding so far @iamsolankiamit , I have already enabled this, I look forward to your confirmation

Hi John, can you also share the device’s UUID with us? That will allow us to connect. Thank you!

Hi @kenna-smith

Hello @johncaipa if you can connect your device and grant support access I would like to check the logs and try to reproduce the issue.

Let us know if that works for you.

yeah It’s already done, i stay tuned and thank you very much.

could you please send me on DM your device ID (click copy) or your URL @johncaipa ?

@johncaipa the logs on balenaCloud seems ok. I only see a weird configuring region with Configuring for region: AU915 -- 915.0MHz..928.0MHz .

Let’s ask @barryjump or @ronyvargas if they can nicely help as they have experience on NAM regions.

Thanks @mpous, for Colombia we use AU915, the gateway continues to connect and disconnect from time to time, and these messages appear in the log.

I stay tuned if you can help me validate what it may be

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@johncaipa quick question! could you please confirm that the RESET_PIN is on pin 17 on your board? I think it is, as the concentrator starts properly… but the restarts are ugly.

About the drifts… I will check what’s happening.

Let’s see if anyone from the community have seen this as well!

@mpous from the documentation that I could find online the GPIO connecting to RST is GPIO17

Thanks @johncaipa currently i don’t have an SX1301 to test. Let’s see if anyone from the community can help to reproduce here

cc @xoseperez

Hi @johncaipa , in Panama we use US915 without issue, similar error I had before and it was related to the SPI_SPEED variable not being properly parsed for some odd reason.
I did removed the variable from that specific device config and it started the concentrator without issues and reported connected to TTN v3

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Thanks @ronyvargas Do you think the concentrator from @johncaipa would start properly if he would have wrongly configured the SPI_SPEED?

John can you try with another Pi? I will try to introduce an issue on the github repository to keep researching on that.

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