Balana Etcher faild in startup and now i cant recover the drive

I recently tried to create a Manjaro bootable usb with etcher which failed in startup and now I cannot recover the drive using the clean function. It keeps saying access is denied. In disk management I can create a simple volume but i can’t format it. Does anyone know how to recover the drive?

Hello @randomnessx3 . It depends on the OS you use. Have you read ?

I guess you are using windows. Have you tried running cmd.exe as an administrator?

yes I have tried running cmd as administrator.

@randomnessx3 I am not a Windows user myself so I am not sure if this will work, but it seems you need to remove the write protection of the drive. Can you try running attribute disk clear readonly before the clear command as part of the process described in the post Alexis linked you to?

this did not work

it seems to be that it dosent recognize the file system

@RandomnessX3 you’ll need to give us a little more information to be able to help any further here. What is the output you’re getting when you follow the instructions for recovering broken drives at this link? Perhaps if you could post some screenshots of the output of these commands we’ll be able to help some more.

Hey @randomnessx3 ,

Sorry to hear you are having problems! Many of the disk utility tools that Windows ships with, including Diskpart, are known to be of pretty bad quality, and have known issues that cause them to fail for no reason at all (the Etcher team hits them on a daily basis as well). There are 4 things I can suggest:

  • Try to format the drive using another OS, such as GNU/Linux or macOS. The tools these OSes provide rarely fail
  • Try GParted GNU/Linux live CD (
  • Use Etcher to flash something else to the drive and then try to format it with Diskpart again (a lot of times that makes it suddenly work)
  • Try to use some other third party partition editor for Windows

In addition to my colleague’s suggestions above, you can take a look at this link:

I tried running this up here and see Administrator: Command Prompt - diskpart in the header of the Window when I run Command Prompt as an admin.