Balena destroyed my USB drive ! How to recover?

I created a bootable USB drive with the program for Mac OS. So the drive is no longer read on Mac OS, tb is not read on Ubuntu. So I lost my usb drive?
What can I do to recover it?

Which image did you flash on the drive? Some images might not be recognizable once flashed due to different partitioning but the drive itself shouldn’t be affected, so you can try one of the processes listed here.

Following the procedures on the page, the result was even worse. Before, at least the OS asked something about the drive, now, not even know that I put it. It disappeared completely. Any other issues?

Did you already check Disk Utils on OSX to see if it’s there when you plug it in?

Yes, I have Macs since 1995.
As soon as I put the drive in, I would give a message and open the disk utility. But now, after following the advice of the page that you have sent, neither does it happen. The drive is dead and buried.

Detail, opened the Disk Utility, not the drive.

did you ever find a solution? etcher did the same thing to my twenty dollar usb drive and it’s totally bricked. windows 10 though, not mac OS.

This suggestion had already been made in this thread and the OP had already explained that it did not solve the problem for them. But for the benefit of new users arriving here and perhaps overlooking the discrete link, be sure to check the section “Recovering broken drives” in the following guide. It solves the vast majority of issues, short only of damaged hardware:

It would be a shame if I do not acknowledge what happened. After asking my spiritual daughter to pray for the USB, I was drawn to this line that helped solve the problem (after praying)

diskutil eraseDisk FAT32 UNTITLED MBRFormat /dev/diskN

where “N” is the disk number

I was trying to make my a bootable Kali Linux USB using my brand new Kingston 128 MB USB drive. The result was that the capacity of my USB got reduced to approximately 4 MB.

Phew! Solved.

Just plug it into a smart TV or xbox if one dosnt work the other will allow to format . Then open disk manager and give it a drive letter ! . Easy spent 1hr trying cmd line . Took 3 mins in a lg tv .!

Just use a Xbox ps4 or smart TV. One of them will reformat the drive automatically. Then just allocate a drive letter to make it show up again on windows for example . Obviously if the cmd disk part exercise fails .