Alternative to balena-dash

The balena-dash project is great! If you haven’t yet had the chance to visit the repo, you certainly should before checking out this one. The main difference between this project and that one, is that this project utilizes ElectronJS to display webpages and other slides. Some things to note about this project:

  • Performance will be limited on Raspberry Pi devices due to constraints that come with Chromium. Plain and simple: Raspberry Pi GPU + Chromium < WPE performance that the balena-dash project offers.
  • The latest version of ElectronJS (4.0.0+) will require at least Debian Buster to be installed, due to glibc requirements.

You may be asking, “So why would I choose this project instead of balena-dash?”

  • Infinate URLs/webpages to load
  • Custom timeout value
  • Support for remote screen control/support/viewing

That is great @wwalker, thanks for the project, I am excited to give it a run!