Balena Dash WPE Remote URL management

Hello, I am trying to get a faster UX on my Balena Fin, I am using a curl request to manage my Fin’s chromium browser, When I send a request to open a website it opens the splash screen for about 3 seconds, then shows the updated site, On the youtube video shown It has an instant reload?

This slow time even happens if I open a page on the same website? Is there a way I can force chromium to aggressively cache the site? Why is the splash showing?

Hi Patrick

  • Does this happen every time or is it only limited to the first time you load a page?
  • What kind of network speeds are you looking at? You can use something like to check and let us know here


I have got 7.5MB per second download
This happens everytime - the splash occurs almost instantly after I send the curl request

Here are the pages I am toggling between

Hello. As a comparison, have you tried loading some really lightweight sites and seeing if there’s any noticeable difference?

Yes its faster if I load, however the Balena splash screen is still appearing for about 1.5 seconds
Is there a way to avoid the splash?

I can reproduce the behavior (splash screen), albeit for less than a second, never considered it to be a problem.
I double-checked with the maintainers, and it works by restarting the container every time a new URL is passed. So there’s no way to completely avoid some interruption. Would it help to make the splash screen different?