Balena-dashboards update (v5.0.0)

This project is a simple solution for managing multiple digital signage displays, dashboards, and other dynamic statistical data on raspberry-pi (or x86-x64 arch) powered displays, via one central admin panel. This project is intended for use in conjunction with (see below for link and account setup instructions). The main difference between this project and the balena-dash project, is that this project utilizes ElectronJS to display webpages and other slides. Some things to note about this release:

  • Performance has been enhanced by loading URLs simultaneously in different browserWindow objects once the container starts.
  • The latest version of ElectronJS (5.0.0+) requires at least Debian Buster to be installed, due to glibc requirements.


  • Infinate URLs/webpages to load
  • Custom timeout value for each URL
  • Support for remote screen control/support/viewing through noVNC

GitHub Repository

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Awesome work @wwalker, thanks for your contribution!!

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thanks! @dansku