All versions of Etcher appear to cause a BSOD on my Surface Pro 7 internal reader

There appears to be some sort of compatibility issue with Etcher and my Micro SD card reader on my Surface Pro 7 running Windows 10 Pro (x64 1909). Any time I attempt to flash an image onto any SD card i have results in a BSOD crash. It either happens immediately after hitting the flash button or sometime during the flashing process. However, if I use an external USB 3.0 (this one is a Transcend brand device) card reader the flash completes without incident. The crash also appears to be isolated to Etcher. I can use SD Card Formatter v5 to format cards, move files on and off them and even successfully flashed images using Win32DiskImager all on the internal built in reader but as soon as I try it with Etcher BSODs galore. One of the stop errors was PFN_LIST_CORRUPT. Not sure if that helps. Unfortuantely I dont have any other machines with built in readers to test it. That’s why I had the USB reader to begin with. I used to have a Surface Pro 5 as of last September and did do several image flashes over time with that with no issue. So it seems like there’s a different driver on this machine that Etcher seems to have issues with. I’ll stick with the external reader for now but figured this should be reported.

Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about a BSOD on Etcher’s side.
Have you installed the latest updates on your surface ?
This looks somehow similar
The only solution I see is using an external usb card reader like you already do.