BSOD on Windows 10 after flashing 100%

I am facing a BSOD on windows 10 when I’m trying to flash an .img file on to a 32G microSD

The screen gives the STOP_CODE : KERNEL_MODE_HEAP_CORRUPTION. This happened twice while using balenaEtcher software.

I have first suspected if my microSD card is corrupted and tried flashing on another perfectly working microSD which also gave the same error. Although the BSOD didn’t cause any problem to my machine, my both microSD cards are not functional now. They aren’t being recognized by my machine when plugged in. It really worries me to use balenaEtcher for flashing .img files.

How do I resolve this? is there anyway I can make my microSD’s work normal?


Can you please let us know what Etcher version are you using when flashing the image?
Also if possible can you please send us the logs from Etcher after you hit BSOD to get a clue what might be wrong here?

Thanks for the reply. I uninstalled balenaEtcher from my machine, that’s the reason I think I am unable to view the logs now. Is there any other way I can view the log? Does re-installing the software work?

@srujan I think the only way to collect the logs would be to re-install etcher and try flashing the same SD card again. However from talking to some of the etcher team apparently the BSOD is usually a hardware or driver issue. Have you tried flashing the same SD card with a different SD card flasher. If its a hardware or driver issue I would expect another writer to cause the same issues.