All of the sudden nothing works except Bluetooth and more issues


after updating my BalenaOS to 2.80.8 it seems liked everything worked well. except dat after 40 minutes the RP (zero) goes offline en I have to physically disconnect the power to reboot it.

bluetooth still works but I can not connect via any other way

I updated the firmware because I had the following issues:

Airplay didn’t work well (stuttering)
Spotify connect the same
and this weird error:

2021-08-09 14-50-11 [Error] (worker) Exception in Controller::worker(): connect: Connection refused
09.08.21 16:50:11 (+0200)  snapcast-client  2021-08-09 14-50-11 [Error] (stop) Error in socket shutdown: Socket not connected

every second.

after updating:
loses connection after like 40 minute
I can’t discover the RPI via bluetooth on new devices (which is OK to me)
Airplay works great when connected
Spotify connect still stutters
Still that snap cast client error
When trying to reach the RPI via terminal I get the following error:

dockerInfo:    Could not get Docker info
  dockerVersion: Could not get Docker version

a lot of issues, haha. hopefully you can help me. Thanks!

I’m sorry, but I can’t help.
One thing someone may likely ask that I don’t see in your post…
What model Raspberry Pi are you using?

Thank you for your reply:
the pi I use:
Raspberry Pi (v1 / Zero / Zero W)

Hi @PiZerow, just to clarify, if you re-flash your SD Card with a previous version of balenaOS does everything work properly? Could you test that, just so that we can start to narrow down what could be the issue here?

Also, with the device running in it’s current form, see if you can capture the output from http://:3000/support

The Docker error seems like the containers may not be running or functional however, so, it might not be possible to grab those logs.