Raspberry Pi 3 B and balena sound problem

Hi everybody,

I’d like some help for my raspberry pi 3B.
I found your guide yesterday to install balenos on it just to listen music with my old hi-fi.

I followed the guide step by step, I’m a HUGE beginner, and all seemed to be ok. I didn’t make changes in anyway. I use BalenaOS 2.46.1+rev 1.
The problem is I can’t use airplay and Spotify connect.
The Bluetooth is working but there are much skipping and dropping with music. I know it’s a problem with raspberry pi 3 (I read it on another post of the forum).
On the dashboard Airplay and Spotify are running, but I can’t find them when I use my iPhone 11 or my iPad mini 4. I just find the device on bluetooth connect and I wanted to try the other ways to avoid dropping and skipping problems.
Is there something I forgot to make them working fine?

I hope the community could help me.

PS: sorry for my English if you don’t understand something…

PPS : I hope I posted in the good forum…

hey @RoiBurgonde,
welcome to the forums.
Yes we are aware of the bluetooth dropping/skipping issue. This is related to a known problem with the BT/WiFi chip. For bluetooth stuttering issues on pi3, the current walkaround only seems to be using a bluetooth dongle. for more context, you can follow this issue: https://github.com/balenalabs/balena-sound/issues/62

As for spotify and airplay, they should work without any problem. Can you please provide logs from the spotify and airplay services from the dashboard? are your devices connected to the same network?



thanx for your help,
Yes my devices are connected on the same network.
Here is the logs from the dashboard :

@RoiBurgonde welcome to the community! I think lets focus first on figuring out what is going on with spotify connect. It sounds like your iphone and ipad can’t find the device on your wifi. Please make sure they are all connected to exactly the same wifi network. Another thing I would try is if you have a laptop, install spotify there and connect the laptop to the wifi and see if the laptop picks up the device. It seems like things on the device side are running correctly, hence why it feels like perhaps its a network issue.

Hi! Really thanks for your help!
I would never think about network issue because all my devices are on the same network.
But I restarted my internet box, and now all is working fine.
I can use Airplay and it seems i don’t have dropping/skipping issue anymore! I cross fingers :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot !! :smiley:

Awesome that is great news! Glad you have it all working now :slight_smile: