After update missing release file

apt-get update leads to:
Das Depot » stable Release« enthält keine Release-Datei mehr.
N: Eine Aktualisierung von solch einem Depot kann nicht auf eine sichere Art durchgeführt werden, daher ist es standardmäßig deaktiviert.

deepL translates this that way:
“The depot “ stable Release” no longer contains a release file.
N: An update from such a repository cannot be done in a secure way, so it is disabled by default.”

Any ideas?

I am not quite sure about what the status of the debian repository is.
The ‘normal’ way to install etcher is to just download it from and it will ask you to update whenever a new update is out. So your best option is probably to remove your installation of etcher via apt-get remove and install the newest release from the website.

the release files are still available but not readable. The web team should be able to fix the problem by adjusting the permissions.


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Hi @tazzy98 and @roluan42, thank you for reporting this issue. We are looking into it and tracking it here as well:

We will post an update on that github link as well as here when we resolve the problem.

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Facepalm and SMH.
I’m trying not to be surprised. This comes up regularly
See First post, longtime user - install on *ubuntu
and I’m sure others. it always gets fixed fairly quickly. It has been a couple of days now…so, soon.

Hello, the issue has been resolved.