yocto custom balenaOS to work with Openbalena

hi all
I want to know if i can use yocto to create a custom balenaOS image for this device
I want to make it work with Openbalena, do you think that’s posible?
why most balenaOS supported boards are not supported for Openbalena?

Hello @jose_barrero and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

To link you to this: Balena newcomer - #7 by chrisys
Yes, it should work :slight_smile:

Your vendor claims it is compatible with Yocto ( IOT-GATE-iMX8 and SBC-IOT-iMX8 NXP iMX8M-Mini SW Resources - Compulab Mediawiki ) so it should be possible to build a custom balenaOS with it and run it via openbalena :slight_smile:


do you have an idea on how should i start doing this?
I’m not familiar with yocto but i think that having an already working balenaOS image for this device makes the effort so much easier, i just need to add support for openbalena. I would appreciate any suggestions.


the OS and device support should be independent of your choice of using balenaCloud or openBalena. The premise is that your choice of management system does not depend on the choice of OS, nor do we want to create OS variants that are specific to either balenaCloud or openBalena

then why not all balena cloud supported devices are supported by openbalena as well? :thinking:

There is documentation on how to build your own balenaOS. As this uses Yocto you should better read up a bit on it and maybe get in touch with your board supplier. I mean… they put a balena sticker on it, so they should also be able to provide you with something :wink:

Also openBalena lists only a few devices as officially supported, as they were directly tested with those. However, it does not matter if you use balenaCloud or openBalena, as they interact with the balenaOS systems in the same way. Basically both systems are independent of the hardware you are using. With the differences that openBalena has no GUI/Webinterface and needs to be setup by yourself :slight_smile:


Welcome to the balena forums @jose_barrero i think you were on amazing hands @nmaas87 :slight_smile:

Thank you Nico! you rock!

Let us know if we can help you more!