Is there step by step example to add customer-board-support?

Is there step by step video where someone add balenaOS to new device and use customer-board-support guide. Customer Board Support - Balena Documentation

I have found video “IoT Happy Hour #45: Building balenaOS for a Device”, where guys copy-paste device from allwinner, but it not work to all devices. IoT Happy Hour #45: Building balenaOS for a Device - YouTube

Customer-board-support guide tells that use sample repo. GitHub - balena-os/balena-board-template: This is a template to be used for new board support repositories.. It would be nice to see video where someone add totally new device (or raspberry pi from yocto project) with those steps. I want to see how many steps and how hard work is to create new device. And what are correct steps to select versions.

I have planned to test balenaOS in NXP MCIMX6ULL-EVK.

Hey, I am one of the OS maintainers. Step by step instructions are difficult to provide as all boards are different and will require slightly different tweaks. The process is basically what is outlined in the documentation and in the video you mention.

  • Spend some time getting to know the hardware you want to support, in particular the booting details
  • Make sure you have can fluently work with Yocto Project
  • Choose a suitable BSP for your board at the recommended Yocto Project version (currently Kirkstone)
  • Prepare the device repository following the documentation
  • Integrate the kernel and bootloader customizations
  • Build it
  • Boot the image and debug
  • Add support for peripherals as WiFi drivers etc
  • Pass the OS automation test suite, manually or automatically

One of the device repositories that I like to offer as example is GitHub - balena-os/balena-connectcore: BalenaOS for the Digi ConnectCore SBCs and System-On-Modules. If you look at the git history in reverse chronological order you will see a set of around 26 well described commits from the initial commit until the v2.65.1+rev1 tag. That is basically the integration work.

As a side note, we do offer device support services too if you are interested. Check the “Custom device support” section of the pricing page. Pricing

Thanx alexgg,

I successfully built the device. It’s not ready yet, but device started with balenaOS.

Thanks for info about Balena-connectcore commits. It helped a lot. I also used balena-variscite to help. GitHub - balena-os/balena-variscite at v2.98.33+rev1

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BTW, I briefly looked at your site. Nice use-case - lower costs, lower carbon emissions.

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