Device OS other than BalenaOS?


Is it possible to have a device (say Raspberry Pi 3) that will work with BalenaCloud, but does not have BalenaOS installed? In other words, its it a requirement to have BalenaOS installed on a device before it can be controlled via BalenaCloud?

I have a particular use case in mind that will preclude using BalenaOS.

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Hi @gamename, welcome to the forums!

balenaOS is definitely a requirement to use balenaCloud, they are very tightly coupled. If you can share what your use case is maybe we can help you make it work? It’s very rare that an application can’t be developed in balenaOS, and if you happen to find an edge case we would love to close that gap too.

Hi @tmigone

Thanks for the quick reply. We are doing something for the US Air Force.

There will be 2 machines on an ethernet lan. One is a laptop containing the container images and the other is a device where the images will be installed.

The requirements are:

  1. The target OS be linux
  2. Neither laptop or target can access anything on the internet. It is a completely isolated environment.

Make sense?


Hi there, perhaps openBalena may be useful to you here. It allows you to host your own server to deploy and manage devices, without requiring balenaCloud.

Target devices that run balenaOS can be used with openBalena. balenaOS is a linux based OS.

That’s a great idea. Thanks.