Link BalenaOS on custom board with BalenaCloud before transferring repo to Balena team

I have an adapted BalenaOS image for use on a Kontron board.
The device boots and all peripherals work, but I cannot figure out how to link the device to my BalenaCloud fleet.
I have tried reaching out to get the process started to include the device, but was wondering whether I can already link the device to my fleet so I can verify that updates and deployment also work.
Appreciate your help!
Kind regards,
Arne Van Acker

Hi, you will need to masquerade as a similar/compatible supported device (like the Compulab MX8M with slug cl-som-imx8) type by modifying the slug and name of the device type coffee file and rebuild. That image should then be able to join a balenaCloud fleet created for the masqueraded device type by using the balena join <ip address> --fleet <myfleet>

I have tried contacting support to include the board we are using in the Balena platform, but haven’t heard anything yet.
Can someone from the team confirm they have received a request?

I answered your direct email just now. We are changing the process by which we will enable custom device types, and it’s taking longer than expected. I hope it’s clear now.