Does not work on Win-10x64


Neither the Install not the portable release (x86 or x64) work! Either there is just nothing (and they do not appear in the task manager) either the program opens and stays on a fully gray screen, with the “Settings”, “help” buttons that do not work too.

Win-10 LTSB with all updates. Tried after reboot, etc etc, never works. Looking for an equivalent software.



I just made a fresh Win10 Pro (x64) VM and tested the installable version and it worked fine for me. I will ask someone internally if there is a log that will highlight the cause.


Hi @dmosc & welcome to the community!

I have two questions for you to help debug this issue further –

  1. Can you confirm the version of balenaEtcher you are trying to run? If it is not v1.5.33, we recommend giving that a shot as there are some fixes included that could help you.
  2. How exactly are you launching the balenaEtcher executable?