Windows xp support

I have winxp on my computer, and I wanna write win10 ISO on my usb, but etcher says:
windows 7 required
How to solve it?

Sorry, but there is no solving the system requirements. Windows XP support has long been discontinued, and the technology on-top of which Etcher is built is incompatible with it.
The only solution would be to upgrade your operating system.

see if any listed here help

I use Etcher on Win7 which is WinXP and do not have any problems. I am writing Raspbian software to a varity of microSD cards without fail. Etcher software versions used are 1.4.4 and 1.4.8.


butchkemper said: “I use Etcher in Win7 which is WinXP”

  • what? Win7 is not WinXP. They’re two completely different operating systems.

Hi everyone

Unfortunately, balena Etcher does not support Windows XP at all, the minimum windows version is Windows 7.

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I apologize for confusing Win 7 and Win XP as the same product. Sometimes but not often, the fingers finish typing before the brain is fully engaged.