etcher para windows vista

Hola, quiero instalar linux y necesito crear usb de arranque. Cuando voy a ejecutar etcher me dice que no puede porque necesito windows 7 o posterior. ¿Alguna solución?

Hi, thank you for reaching out to us. Would you mind re-posting your message in English? This allows other members of our community to help you out as well. :slight_smile:

Sorry, but there is currently no way to run Etcher on Windows Vista. The technology that we use to build Etcher has dropped support for Windows Vista and older Windows operating systems. There are alternatives out there that you might be able to use to create a bootable Linux USB. But, I do not know if there are any with the same user experience such as that of Etcher. You should be able to use Etcher again once you have Linux installed by downloading the AppImage file from

I hope this helps you in any way.