Windows download is broken

Hello, link for downloading Etcher for Windows is now broken. Can not download it because I only see error 404 on GitHub page.

Hi @adamszzzzz,

Thanks for the report. Could you let me know where you’re trying to download it from? I’ve just tried both Windows installers for v1.5.45 from and and they appear to work for me.

Thanks and best regards, Heds

Hey, I’ve tried downlaoding it from here:
and when I clicked Download for Windows I saw 404 error on github.

Hi again @adamszzzzz,

Do you have Adblock (or an equivalent) installed? This will cause issues when you try to download images. If so, can you try pausing it and then trying again please?

The adblock blocked my download. Thank you so much! Let’s make bootable stick with debian!

Have a nice day.

Great, thanks very much for letting us know it’s working!