balenaEtcher fails to install


I have downloaded the latest version of Etcher V1.5.95 on a Windows 10 Home and when I try to install it it hangs forever at “Installing, please wait…” as you can see in the image attached2020-06-02_16-16-35

I have even tried to change the compatibility options here

without any luck.

I had earlier versions of balenaEtcher installed and worked without no problems. The issues started when I tried to upgrade.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts,

Hey there! I’m sorry that you are having issues. Does it work fine if you try to install an older version: If that does work, then it might mean that our latest installer is broken for some reason.

Yes! 1.5.87 installed without problems.

Thanks for testing this out. We’ll take a closer look at it. In the mean-time, installing the latest version of Etcher might work if you completely uninstall the existing Etcher installation first.