Broken link to GitHub

Just for the information, the link from main page ( to windows version is detached:
But it’s still possible to find link to newer version on Github.

Hi there @GregMoroz and welcome to the forums!

Thanks for taking the time to report this. I’ve taken a look however and cannot see what you’re describing; all the links I can find on the page link to the latest version v1.5.43. Are you able to take a screenshot showing the link on the page where it’s still linking to an older version?

As a follow up. I’ve looked into it a little more and asked my colleagues; v1.5.24 is the version that is offered for download if for some reason the site is unable to reach the Github repo to find out the latest version. So, we wondered if you had any Adblockers or browser addons that may interfere with this request, because if for any reason it fails the site will fall back and offer v1.5.24 as a default.

How are you getting these links? I am looking at the etcher website and I only get links to the latest release which should be v1.5.43

If helpful, I was able to reproduce the issue with a Chrome extension called “AdBlock”. The issue was resolved by visiting the Etcher website, clicking on the AdBlock icon and selecting “Don’t run on pages on this site”.

Thanks for taking a look on the issue. Yes, w/o AdBlock it works fine.

So, the main page screenshot when it was enabled:

Thanks for the report! We’re tracking the issue here and are working on fixing it.

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