I cannot download etcher, low connection just balena.

Hello for all. Sorry about my english, i not a native speaker. So, i having a problem with download balenaEtcher, when i start the download, my speed rating locks in 900 bytes - 15 kbs and after the download fail. I test download in two OS(linux and windows), check my network making download with others stuffs and works very well, but with balenaEtcher this problem. Someone can help me? Thanks!!!
Obs: I test using official site (linux and windows) and ubuntu repossitory, same problem.


Can you try downloading using the wget --continue command? This will basically let you continue a download if it fails.
This is most likely an issue with how your network is connecting to GitHub’s servers - I tried downloading the release right now and it worked fine for me.

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Hello anujdeshpande, thanks for helping. I call a friend and he downloaded balena-etcher with sucess in his network . I think you’re right, something blocking git repository in my network. Thanks very much! :smiley: