Windows 8 creating NOOBS SD from page

I have tried many ways of creating SD images and thought I would try Etcher. It worked a few months ago but I did not note the version. I returned to the windows options as a few members at a local raspberry pi club use windows and I wanted to see how easy it was to regenerate their image. The link below gives details of what to do but after trying many times with several variants of folders and checking that I have the latest Etcher 1.5.33 etc I come to the conclusion that the issue is that Etcher cannot handle zip files (yes known) and it cannot handle the unzipped NOOBS image either as it is not an image but a suite of files. Etcher does not recognise the collection of files…

I am happy to update the raspberry pi image via GitHub clone and push when I get it to work.
Some folks that I know are not really Linux users and prefer MAC or Windows for their daily work. That is fine as they can gain experience with Linux on an RPI.

Inserting the link did not work first time - hope it works now.

raspberry pi create NOOBS image page

Hi, this is indeed correct. For NOOBS the zip file has to be flashed. For Raspbian on the other hand, since it contains a single .img file in the .zip file, they can be both flashed.

Hi, thanks for the agreement. I am in the process of using and testing the procedure with a view to updating the instructions on the raspberry-pi site. Faulty instructions like that have been known to elicit poor responses which damages the learning platform for some. I understand that it is hard to keep everything up to date but this might make it cleaner for those following…
Cheers, Mike