How do I create an sd disk image file?

I have bootcode.bin start.elf fixup.dat kernel8.img and config.txt.

What program do I use to turn these into a fat32 sd image file that etcher can use?

The alternative to etcher is of course is to format a fat32 sd card and then copy these to that sd card.

Thanks, Mark

Hi there, are you able to start with a known bootable minimal image (closest to the custom one you are building), mount the image boot partition and inject/overwrite the files in there with your copies?

Well, I had thought that I landed on etcher because that was the recommendation from the rpi folks. So I went over there to find a reference point and I was either mistaken or they were using etcher but have now moved to their own tool: Raspberry Pi Imager.

Thank you for your attention, I will continue my development over there with the pi folks.