Balena Etcher Version 1.5.64 (1.5.64) mac and latest NOOBS v3.2.1

I try on 2 different Mac (X.12 & X.14) with freshly upload of Balena etcher Version 1.5.64 (1.5.64) and 2 different uploads of NOOBS v3.2.1 (or even NOOBS v3.2.0 or lite, and I don’t think it’s raspberrypi fundation error) and I got always the same message below (even before inserting SD card), with a previous version the same zip image work once. I would love to have your input, as I am stuck, thx 4 your help.

message “it looks like this is not a bootable image.
The image does not appear to contain a partition table, and might not be reconized or bootable by your device.”

Hey @Pensee,
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It seems like NOOBS is not a disk image and according to its installation guide you need to just copy the extracted contents to a FAT formatted SD card.

I have also asked the maintainers of Etcher to confirm this. Will keep you posted.

Hope this helps,

Thank you Rahul for your answer

the installation guide is one from many, here it say all about doing it with Balena etcher.
But it doesn’t work, look like several .img in the .zip it pick one randomly.

PS: I doesn’t have more chance by doing it manually copying the files directly into FAT32 SD card. (it try as it rename the card as RECOVERY but still the boot stuck on rainbow screen)

PS2: the previous operation wich was successfull was to install with balena (different card) . . since then no way to make a raspian card.

hey @Pensee

The guide you mentioned suggests downloading a disk image if you want to use balenaEtcher. So you will have to find the relevant image. For instance, if you want raspbian you can download it from here Select the version you want. Then you should be able to flash that zip file using etcher.


thank’s rahul,

What i am saying, it was working before with noobs, and suddenly stop with the same download. i am able to reproduce this on 2 different machines.
and yes while chatting with you i did download raspian buster and put it on SD with Balena, Just boot on it, no problem.
Still very strange (no logical hints) it’s stop to work with NOOBS, if somebody want to investigate …

Hey @Pensee, we’ll let you know when we get more information from the Etcher team. I’m not sure if you have seen this, but in the meantime if you still want to get NOOBS up and running you can check out this guide from the raspberrypi official docs.