Will Balena release snap or official aur version of Balena Ether


I Find the Aur fans version of Balena is buggy AppImage also aint working for Manjaro and other more.

Hi @iian-lauc, are you talking about a version of Etcher being buggy?

Yes Mam I thought its unofficial (i apologize for that)


I hope balena etcher will be fix for manjaro or arch user…

Thank you.

Hi - could you confirm which version of Etcher you’re having issues with?


The Aur version corrupts half of flashed os on usb
such as pop os, other.

A file has been uploaded using Jellyfish: Jellyfish

Hi, not sure what ‘Aur version’ is. On etcher, can you click the setting icon (top right) and then check the version on the left?

Hi, I Checked it its aur.


Hi, I understand you downloaded etcher from AUR, but can you mention what exactly you’re facing issue with ?

I was asking if balena will have a snap version,

Because the aur version corrupts half of os you flashed even tho the specs of my pc same as requied.

thanks for understanding.

That’s all. : )

Hi, you should be able to use the .AppImage on most versions of linux: Releases · balena-io/etcher · GitHub

Can you try this and if it doesn’t work let us know? I believe snap packages just package the .AppImages anyway.

Hi @zwhitchcox ,

No it won’t work app image is made of electron and electron dont work on arch and manjaro’s

According the the Arch docs, electron does work on Manjaro/Arch. Have you actually tried it, or are you just speculating?

I was just asking,
If there is actually arch balena

if it was official,
I downloaded it and it doesnt work
Blank Screen only

Thank you