Wifi-connect on Compulab IOT-GATE-IMX8PLUS

I am trying to use wifi-connect on a new Compulab IOT-GATE-IMX8PLUS. I deployed it on the same fleet as some RPI4’s that work flawlessly with wifi-connect.

The device (Intel WiFi 6E AX210) seems to have the necessary capabilities:

root@1eedcd3:~# iw list
Wiphy phy0
        wiphy index: 0
        max # scan SSIDs: 20
        max scan IEs length: 365 bytes
        max # sched scan SSIDs: 20
        max # match sets: 8
        Retry short limit: 7
        Retry long limit: 4
        Coverage class: 0 (up to 0m)
        Device supports RSN-IBSS.
        Device supports AP-side u-APSD.
        Device supports T-DLS.
        Supported Ciphers:
                * WEP40 (00-0f-ac:1)
                * WEP104 (00-0f-ac:5)
                * TKIP (00-0f-ac:2)
                * CCMP-128 (00-0f-ac:4)
                * GCMP-128 (00-0f-ac:8)
                * GCMP-256 (00-0f-ac:9)
                * CMAC (00-0f-ac:6)
                * GMAC-128 (00-0f-ac:11)
                * GMAC-256 (00-0f-ac:12)
        Available Antennas: TX 0x3 RX 0x3
        Configured Antennas: TX 0x3 RX 0x3
        Supported interface modes:
                 * IBSS
                 * managed
                 * AP
                 * AP/VLAN
                 * monitor
                 * P2P-client
                 * P2P-GO
                 * P2P-device

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi there,
could you share any error messages or logs you’re getting when trying to run wificonnect with this device?


I was just able to do this now that I got the LTE modem working and could collect logs:

 wifi-connect  Starting WiFi Connect
 wifi-connect  [network_manager::device:WARN] Undefined device type: 30
 wifi-connect  WiFi device: wlan0
 wifi-connect  [network_manager::dbus_api:ERROR] Get org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.AccessPoint::RsnFlags property failed on /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/AccessPoint/81: wrong property type
 wifi-connect  Error: Getting access points failed
 wifi-connect    caused by: D-Bus failure: Get org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.AccessPoint::RsnFlags property failed on /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/AccessPoint/81: wrong property type

looks like its related to this issue: "Undefined device type: 30" when starting wifi-connect · Issue #397 · balena-os/wifi-connect · GitHub potentially?

It could be, but the issue is two years old… This one seems more promising Failing to start on Raspberry Pi Zero W running Bullseye: D-Bus failure · Issue #416 · balena-os/wifi-connect · GitHub

I realized my version of wifi-connect was pinned to an older release. Trying the latest version now.

EDIT: it works with the latest release, my bad!

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Thanks for sharing that the latest release worked well @vbersier