Support for IOT-GATE-IMX8PLUS IOT gateway from Compulab

Hello Support,

Just wanted to check if there is any official roadmap to support IOT-GATE-IMX8PLUS IOT gateway from Compulab?


Hi @npatil,

Thanks for reaching out. Out of curiosity, have you tried the device-type we have for the non-PLUS version? Looking at the differences between the two, the PLUS seems to have a different co-processor and some additional ports, but I think it might still boot at least with the device-type we created for the Standard version, which is iot-gate-imx8.

The reason I’m asking is that it may not take much work to add support for the PLUS version, and knowing how much functions with the device-type we have today will give us a sense for if that’s true. We don’t have this hardware in-house at the moment, so if you do end up wanting us to add support, it’s worth reaching out to your contact at Compulab to see if they want to add that support themselves or not. We work with them directly, so they can reach out with questions if needed.

In the meantime, I’ve at least added your interest in support for this board to a pattern internally so that we can keep an ear out for other customer’s interest in it as well. But in the meantime, please let us know how testing with the current device-type works for you and if Compulab wants to work with us to add support!

Hello Kenna,
Thank you for the info. We do have plan to run current iot-gate-imx8 based image on this plus version. Currently we are using iot-gate-imx8 but would like to consider plus version because of purely mechanical reasons (specially sim tray). I’ll check with Compulab if they can add the support. We are also planning to order eval kit so probably will receive it few weeks.

Please keep us posted if you make decision to support it because of customer interest.



Thanks for the quick reply. That makes a lot of sense to me, and we’d love to support more models from them.

Right now we are trying to make the whole process of hardware support simpler, but it’s a big task that probably won’t be complete until we have everything needed for our next major OS release, so we are many months (at least) away still.

In the meantime, we have a lot of folks asking for support of various boards. So the fastest way would be for Compulab themselves to add board support (and we’d love to see them add all of their boards, honestly, they have been great to work with). Else you could consider paying us to add the support and maintain the device-type for you as well: balena - Scale pricing from prototype to enterprise usage

This tends to be no one’s favorite option, since it requires manual work for a small team within balena, and of course it costs money since we have to spend the time and effort to do that work. Hence why we’re working to make it easier for anyone to add support themselves in the future. However, if it’s critical to your current go-forward plans and Compulab is not willing to add it, then that is another path to consider as well.

I will of course let you know if we get a major influx of customers asking for it in the meantime though. Thanks again for sharing your situation with us and for reaching out to Compulab about support. :slight_smile: