Why such a ridiculous password requirement

This forum where I want to ask if anyone has a clue about a failure requires a huge password… frankly I dont even know why I need a password at all.

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A user account is required so that we don’t get spambots posting all over our forums, and also allows us and other contributors to ping you so you’re notified of responses.

Can we help you with a question you may have?

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Your password requirement is at least 1 character too long, forcing people who have standard passwords to “add a char” and thus endure repeated login fails, login resets and “login by email”.

Thank you for the feedback, and sorry if this is causing you an inconvenience while logging in. We believe account safety and security practices are of utmost importance.

My account is my issue, I shouldnt be forced to have a password that is unique to your site because of your requirements as that inevitably means I have to do something like write it down or change it every visit because it is forgotten. It has also been shown that long passwords are not more secure just for being long.
What should be the case is that even if I can hack my account from outside that doesnt reveal information about anyone else. Indeed of course, if you have no sensitive info about anyone then being hacked doesnt actually matter much. My email is hardly a piece of sensitive info as I gave it to you without actually really knowing who you are.