Reset your password (Cloudbleed)


On Friday, Cloudflare reported a major security vulnerability, which has affected all websites that used Cloudflare’s website acceleration and caching service, resulting in potential exposure of sensitive information such as user credentials.

We had been using Cloudflare to provide a faster user experience on the forums. We have since removed this exposure by turning off this acceleration service. Nevertheless, due to the potential for exposure of sensitive information we strongly suggest that you reset your forum password. Go into your preferences page (clicking your user image in the top bar, then the cogwheel icon), on that page, click the “Send Password Reset Email” link to confirm your account and change your password. :incoming_envelope:

We want to emphasize that this vulnerability did not affect the main services in any way, as Cloudflare has not been used to serve website data. No login information is shared between those services and the forums.