Use Etcher without password

I recently downloaded the etcher program in order to make an executable flash drive. I am a Handicapped senior with serious painful arthritis in my Hand. Further, I don’t even use a password on my MacBook. I can’t stand being forced to use a password for an open source program (or an other for that matter). You are assuming that all users want it, you are assuming the user wants to protect their computer THAT NEVER LEAVES THE HOME, and IT SHOULD BE MY CHOICE…It is disgusting to download a useless program. that limits the user to require passwords that they can’t remember, laptops that don’t require them. SAD SAD SAD NOT HAPPY

Hi @iamthatiam – thanks for getting in touch with us, and I’m sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with Etcher. Unfortunately, this is out of our control; the requirement to ask the user for their password when flashing a drive is a security measure added by Apple. It’s meant to keep you and your computer safe, and we are unable to change this.

Thanks again for letting us know about this. We will keep looking for ways to improve the situation.

All the best,