Where to download recent balenaOS for UP board?


Hi :slight_smile:

I can download BalenaOS 2.12.7+rev2.dev for UP board from either https://www.balena.io/os/#download or balenaCloud. However, https://github.com/balena-os/resin-up-board/releases lists much newer releases than that.

What is the reason for recent releases not being “released” and how can I download and use them for development?

Keep up the great work!!


Hi @mschm,

You can download the latest release for UP board BalenaOS 2.29.0+rev2 from the https://www.balena.io/os/#download link or from the dashboard.

Not all versions from github are released to production since some of them have some problems or are intermediary releases.

In order for a release to reach production it first needs to be tested by us. If all goes fine in testing the version will be released in production.

If someone wants a version from github it needs to pull the sources and he can compile the release on his own.