BalenaOS 2.39 UP Boards

Hi Guys

Have you pulled BalenaOS 2.39 for UP devices from BalenaCloud? We need this version for our latest UP2 devices as it has the WiFi drivers for the new UP2 WiFi interface.



Is this due to the purge issue I found? Are you releasing a new version soon?

Hi @chrismoorhouse ,

We actually pulled 2.39 images as we found an issue with the Supervisor that could lead to it getting locked into a restart loop. I’m going to get in contact with the OS engineers for you now, and ask them when we might see a newer release for the UP2 with the drivers you need.

Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused in the meantime.

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I have seen the same reboot loop in v2.38 on Pi 3s. I did report a few days ago that I was experiencing some odd behaviour on Pi 3s.

Sometimes when I did a restart from the dashboard on a device one of my services got stuck in a reboot loop. It seemed as if the service never went back to running state until I manually restarted just that service.

This may be a similar issue to what you saw on the UPs?

See this thread Rollback BalenaOS

Hi Chris,

The specific issue in balenaOS 2.39.x was introduced in Supervisor version 10.0.3, and 2.38 uses Supervisor 9.15.7 so it isn’t likely to be the same issue. That said, I note in the other thread that it doesn’t look like you solved the issue? I’d be really keen to have a look at a 2.38-based device which is showing this issue to see what might be causing it, if possible!

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Hi again,

Just to let you know, we’ve an approved PR for a 2.43.0 balenaOS release for the UP boards. Once this is merged, it’ll go through a testing phase and should be ready for release. This usually takes between 1 to 2 weeks, and we’ll let you know when it’s released.

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Excellent. Will they be sorting out the purge issue at the same time?


I will try to get one spun up today or tomorrow which I can grant you access to.



It looks like that the fix for the purge issue that you reported will not make it for the 2.43.0 release.
You can track progress for the fix in the supervisor’s GitHub repository:

Once that’s merged, we will have to wait for the next balenaOS release to pick up the new supervisor.

We might also be able to backport the new supervisor (once released) to your running devices if needed, but after they get updated to at least 2.43.0.

No problem. Thank for the update


The current latest available version for the UP Squared (balenaOS 2.29.2+rev1) does support the suggested wifi module:
I have noticed that version 2.39 does.

It has been a few months since the downgrade. Can we expect a newer OS version for the UP to be available (for development mode) anytime soon?

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Hey @dchrono, first of all welcome to balena forums : )

Right now we are testing the newer OS version for the UP board. Although we cannot promise an ETA, we expect to release it soon.

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Hi, 2.45.1+rev4 has been released for the Up boards so you can give it a spin

Thanks! Gonna test right away

Yeap, now the wifi module is detected properly!

That is great to hear :slight_smile: let us know if you need any more assistance on this