Webhooks in API

We’re building a substantial system on top of resin.

At the moment the API works fine, but for example to display a list of user’s apps and envs requires a lot of expensive API lookups.

It would be a lot more efficient for us (and Resin) if it could fire webhooks when certain events fire. This would mean we could synchronize a firebase database to resin and not have to poll or do loads of requests on demand.


Hey, yes, we were thinking in this direction as well, though there was no concrete user case for webhooks that we wanted to build before other API improvements.

Could you help us with some use cases, what do you have in mind, what sort of events would be good with webhooks in your use? :pencil: That would be very useful to help us build something that actually helps.

I will say +1 for the feature request. I would greatly benefit from webhooks for devices status.
That will help me not to fetch the status every n seconds.

Specific use case:
I am building an app which is using resin for device management and I want to provide the device status (online/offline) inside my app.

currently to do that: Periodically fetch the devices info from resin.
ideally, with webhooks: Write an endpoint listening for status webhooks and I am getting the webhooks from resin.

In my use case the devices operate disconnected from internet. From time to time the device is connected to the internet.

It would be helpful if the server would notify my backend (via webhook) that a device came online and the update process completed successfully so I do not have to poll for this info.

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Use case, callback on new device added to do things like register the device with google cloud and add the certs as variables.