Notifications + webhooks

there is card in the public roadmap called notifications + webhooks:

It’s lacking any description, could you provide one?

What I’m hoping it will be is: giving us a way to set some alerts in the dashboard if something is going wrong on the device. For example we could have an extra state of the device in the dashboard (besides online, offline, updating…).

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Currently this feature is still in the specification state; we haven’t started implementing it and we still need to define more details. Our goals as defined in the current specification phase are to allow users to:

  • register per-application or per-device webhooks for specific events.
  • subscribe to an event and provide a URL to send the event’s payload, as well as (optionally) a secret token to verify requests.
  • test webhooks and a see history of fired hooks and their returned status codes.

In the meantime, you can poll the resources you are interested in by using our API docs here:


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