Devices reported offline by resin, but not offline

Is there a good way to debug devices that show up on the dashboard as “offline”?

For example, I know that device is online because I can ssh onto it and ping, but it’s showing up as offline. I’ve checked the resin status page and everything looks operational.

Same i happening to me have two devices running in same application one is offline but the other reports online both is working perfectly. On the offline I cannot get a Webshell

I know that the online/offline report can have a little latency in it, to try and keep bandwidth under control and ensure that the status is de-bounced. We make a few best guesses on the balance between up to date status and data tariffs, but configuration options are available.

Hey @Sqweelygig - thanks for your response.

What’s strange about this event was that all 500+ devices we manage through resin were shown as ‘offline’ for 30+ minutes (but we really do think that these devices were in fact online).

I don’t expect this kind of behavior to be a normal part of our operation - should we change our expectation? Should we fiddle with the config options you linked? We are currently running our fleet with default config values - maybe that’s a bad idea?

@daniel.lee not sure if this was mentioned else where, but the offline status might have been due to the planned maintenance window while we upgraded our database. I’m not sure if it exactly coincided with the issues you were experiencing. You can see the mentioned upgrade on our status page:

@shaunmulligan Woo I think that coincides exactly when we saw a blackout.

I assume an email was sent out to the app owners. I’m a collaborator, and I never received the email - would you consider including collaborators for announcing scheduled maintenances?

@daniel.lee , I believe you actually have to explicitly sign up for email notifications from our status page, its not automatically subscribed to by the application owner. Although that is maybe not a bad idea :smile:

@shaunmulligan I would recommend it. Our team was confused and worried during the scheduled maintenance.

Subscribed to status page!

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For me it happened during the upgrade but continued after you indicated that you where all up and running again. Therefore I made the post but later everything was ok again

Sorry to revive a super old thread, but this is happening to me right now.

I can see logs from my Raspberry Pi, they are current. The chatbot that I’m running is still responding. But resin won’t show the term or let me ssh in. It’s a Raspberry Pi running in my network, so it’s not like I don’t have access to it.

Any ideas on how to proceed?

Hey @drhayes we’re having some intermittent VPN connectivity issues after a large deployment on Friday. They’re not long-lasting and don’t affect device function, but we’re obviously working to get those resolved. In the meantime you’ll see the devices going offline for brief periods of time, but that doesn’t imply any deeper issues for your devices, they are functioning just fine.

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Got it! Thanks for the quick reply. :smiley:

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