Websocket through resin.io?

I’ve run into the issue described in github, and as it closed as “non-specific to this project”, I just thought I’d post this here also, so people can find it easier and for discussion between resin and the community :wink:

Are there any timeframes set for this feature? I’m fairly sure it’s an essential development for multiple applications (of course including mine :stuck_out_tongue: ).


As far as I know the feature is implemented, but not yet deployed due to some not yet resolved conflicts with other parts of our stack. We actually want it almost as much as you :smile:
I’ll get back to you as soon as we have any schedule for deployment.

Great to hear that, looking forward to it!
It’s the last reason why I’d bother opening any ports on the firewall :stuck_out_tongue:

Any news on this?
I’m getting close to deploying a few devices “for real”, and this would be an awesome feature to have…

Hey @kipe,

I am Kostas, new to resin team, I’m starting work on this and will keep you updated here on progress!

Hello @everyone,

A quick status update:

We have made significant progress in supporting WebSocket during the past weeks. This means that you will soon be able to use your library of choice (e.g. socket.io) to create real-time resin apps that will be accessible from the public device URL.

Our infrastructure has been upgraded to include this feature and we are in the process of testing it in our staging environment; this means that we plan a release in the coming days, so stay tuned for the announcement.


Great news, I can finally stop fiddling around with router ports :slight_smile:

Hey, just wanted to let you know that websockets are now available on production :smile:

Awesome, seems to work great :smile:
Now I can finally access all my devices without a hassle, and best of all, with HTTPS :heart: