Share Sensor Critical notification thorugh web-hooks

Hey I am working with wireless sensor, as basic start I am able to connect my raspberry pi with resin platform

  • But I wanted to design web application using resin platform but need to know the good tools which help me to start the application

  • Also please suggest the best way to make web-hook using resin which pops up on screens for critical warnings notifications whenever the readings goes up or comes down than its range.

  • Wanted to design web-hook in such a way that it will share the notification either we are using web application or not using the web application,

Hi @nagaro41

Resin gives you a docker container running linux, so you can really build anything you’d like on top of that. If you’re looking to build a web application, you could use as a starting point for your project, and then use something like React.js to build your application from there.

These links might be useful:

Using React js library seems helpful to design the application but can i link this tool with raspberry pi to run some test ? And does this also make live dashboards which share the status of sensor connectivity and temperature readings through bar graphs?

Is it possible to use data streaming with React Js and resin platform ? so that whenever system failure or internet failure will be there then it will backup the data and upload automatically after resolution.

Hi @nagaro41 – Resin provides a platform on top of which you can build your own applications, using what ever language and tools you want, as long as they run on Linux.

We don’t however provide any application building tools per say, that’s really up to you. Everything you described is easily possible, but you’d have to chose your own solutions to build it with