Vortexbox image not recognised

The vortexbox image zip is not recognised as bootable: https://wiki.vortexbox.org/available_images#vortexbox_25_beta_image

Though the page says: “This image can be used to build a new VortexBox or recover an old one. It can be installed on boot media of 8GB< in size. The zip file can be used to make a bootable USB installation key”

Any advice appreciated.

Hi there,

Is this an issue that you’re seeing with Etcher that it doesn’t appear to be flashing the image correctly? Could you please provide the version of Etcher being used, the OS you’re running it on, and debug from Etcher whilst you attempt to flash the image (you can do this by selecting ‘View->Toggle Developer Tools’ from the menu, depending on OS being used). This should help us determine if there’s an issue with Etcher or potentially one with your device.

Also, could you let us know the size/make/model of the USB key you’re trying to use.

Best regards, Heds

I can check those details earlier (different machine) but I downloaded Balena for Windows 10 in the last 2 months. The error is on the first screen, when I select the vortex zip file it immediately says it’s not a bootable image. This is before I select a USB key.

Hi, I can see that the installation instructions here https://wiki.vortexbox.org/vortexbox_2.5_installation_instructions mention some additional steps that need to be taken care of outside of Etcher, as the application doesn’t do anything else than write whatever is in the image written. Consider following that guide instead, which on the very first step mentions Download the the zip file with the install image and unzip the files onto your USB key.
Let us know if this works for you!

So you are telling me not to use Balena, to manually clear out my USB and then unzip to it?

Would you consider updating Balena to work with the like of a Vortex zip file?

Since it is very specific I don’t think we have plans to follow that route soon, so I suggest to follow the step-by-step installation guide by vortexbox itself

You should look at DAphile (https://www.daphile.com/) and skip Vortexbox altogether since I believe it is no longer being developed.

Daphile has many more features and the developer is very responsive.