Very little storage on Raspberry Pi 3

I am trying to set up the Balena minecraft server on my old Raspberry Pi 3B, I know the system isn’t powerfull enough, but I wanted to know if I could get it working.

I’m having a problem which I don’t quite understand. In the Balena Cloud dashboard, it says the total storage is only 182MB, meanwhile I’ve put in a 32GB SanDisk SD card. Is something wrong with partitioning perhaps? I’m used to Raspberry Pi OS, which can use raspi-config to expand the filesystem, but I’m very new at this.

As you can see logs of images won’t get downloaded.

Some help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

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Hello Niels, thank you for reporting your problems on the balena forums!

Due the minimum requirements of the hardware are 4GB of RAM. Niels it will not work with the Raspberry Pi 3B. We recommend the Raspberry Pi 4B (minimum 4GB model. 1GB is not enough!).

On the other hand, what device type did you select when you created the application? Raspberry Pi 3 (64 bits)?

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I know the Pi 3 isn’t strong enough but I was just curious on how “not well” it would run.

Other than that, I selected the Raspberry Pi 3 device (not 64 bits).
Shall I try again on a 64 bits image?

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Yes Niels, try the Pi 3 with 64 bits and let us know what happens :slight_smile:

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Hi. Are you saying that Pi3/Pi3b are now no longer supported by Balena?

Hey Daniel, by balena support, if you mean the support for the OS? yes we do support Pi3/Pi3b. If however you mean running the minecarft server, if has a minimum hardware requirement (2Gb ram and 64 bit OS) which is met by Pi 4.