My project: balena Minecraft Server

Hi everyone! I made a very cool project: A balena powered Minecraft Server
It works out of the box and has many cool features. You need a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4 GB of RAM. Here is my Github repo:

If you tested it can you give me feedback in the comment section. :smile:

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Hello :slight_smile:

This is an interesting project. Seeing how it’s rare to find a game server running on a Pi, do you know how it compares performance-wise to a commodity PC? How many players before it starts lagging noticeably?

@Ereski the only limit i see is the RAM. 1 GB is not working, because it is not enough. Some PC´s have 8GB, but it uses only 1GB of it´s RAM. I made a chunk loading stress test. You can see the result here:

I didn´t do a player stress test, because i have not enough accounts. But i tested it with two players already and it worked fine.

I can confirm the server works great having joined Alex’s one earlier! @AlexProgrammerDE nice work. :smiley:

Thanks @chrisys .

Cool. Gotta give it a try later!

Thanks for setting all this up! as i am a beginner cli user, i am stuck at step to when installing the minecraftserver on my rpi 4.

I use windows, and i am logged in in balena, i can use “balena push…”

but what file should i push? the folder: balena-minecraft-server-master ?
does not seem to work

any hints or help is welkom!

Hi @brt
It is very easy to puch. You need to be in the unzipped directory to push, so just run cd balena-minecraft-server-master and you are in it. You should now be able to run balena push <appname>


It works, thanks!
I was looking for a local file name to push. , had to use the name earlier given to the app, not a local filename.

I have to read better.
Thanks for your help.

im trying to test the server, and the log on balena cloud says
“starting jar file with 1gb of ram”
"Error: invalid or corrupt Jarfile paper.jar

whats the fix to this?

@dlineman12 can you please set ENABLE_UPDATE to true?

@AlexProgrammerDE i actually got the server up and running. I was wondering how i could update the server to 1.16 when the update releases? what would the steps be?

@dlineman12 you should wait for me updating the code. Then push my code again to your device and set ENABLE_UPDATE to true.

Hey this is great. Got it running this morning. I have played on it and it works havent managed to log in through Firezilla or Rcon. Very basic question here but does anyone know if it is possible to change to creative mode rather than survival.

Many thanks

Could I transfer existing worlds/server data onto this server?

Also if I try to connect to the server using balenaminecraftserver it says unknown hostname

@DounutFactory hello and welcome to the balenaForums! First of all yes you can transfer data to the Pi. You can read more about it in the blog post:
Is your Pi in the same network? There might be other reasons why it doesnt work.

Thanks for the welcome!
Also Yes, they are on the same network. I also expanded the ram but it still had the “Error: invalid or corrupt Jarfile paper.jar” issue

EDIT: I was able to get is working

Works like charm. Thank you. However I was not able to connect with WinSCP using SCP with user root and password the default balenaserver. Got back: wrong password. Request from same network. Ping to balenaminecraftserver works as expected. Any suggestion?

@ArianHD hi and welcome to the balena forums. The default password is balena.

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Thank you! I guess need update here: