My project: balena Minecraft Server

Hi everyone! I made a very cool project: A balena powered Minecraft Server
It works out of the box and has many cool features. You need a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4 GB of RAM. Here is my Github repo:

If you tested it can you give me feedback in the comment section. :smile:

Hello :slight_smile:

This is an interesting project. Seeing how it’s rare to find a game server running on a Pi, do you know how it compares performance-wise to a commodity PC? How many players before it starts lagging noticeably?

@Ereski the only limit i see is the RAM. 1 GB is not working, because it is not enough. Some PC´s have 8GB, but it uses only 1GB of it´s RAM. I made a chunk loading stress test. You can see the result here:

I didn´t do a player stress test, because i have not enough accounts. But i tested it with two players already and it worked fine.

I can confirm the server works great having joined Alex’s one earlier! @AlexProgrammerDE nice work. :smiley:

Thanks @chrisys .

Cool. Gotta give it a try later!