Validating image...So Slow

Hello, I am new to etcher, and I have a couple of questions.

How long does it normally take to validate a large image?

Also, do I actually require the micro SD Card to be validated or can I just cancel the validation, and use the card?

It is at 50% validating and has taken over 12 hours…Is this normal???

Thank you in advance.

Hello, the time it takes to validate the image can vary depending on various factors, although I would say that it should not take more than the time it took to write the image (usually less). 12 hours seems to be a lot regardless, if there are issues with the validation this can be the signal of issues with the underlying SD card. I would suggest you try burn the image on a different SD card if you have that available.
Having said all this: you should be able to cancel the validation and still use the card; as I said: problems with validation can be symptoms of other issues with the SD card, so it might still not function properly.

thank you,

I would not turn off verification as it’s job is to check errors like this. You can disable it in the option in the Mac version but to be honest I check it’s turned on every tine I install the new version :grin: