Using balenaOS on Raspberry Pi 3 A+


We were very excited to see the recent announcement by the Raspberry Pi Foundation regarding their new Raspberry Pi variant, the 3 A+. It is a cool form factor and an interesting board. See the announcement:

Now we got some of the boards at hand, and unfortunately, they don’t work out of the box with the latest, 2.26.0+rev1 version of balenaOS. We are looking into it, likely will just need a firmware version bump and a new release.

Will update you here once we support the A+!

In the meantime, give this post a :heart: if you’d like to see the RPi3 A+ working with balenaOS! :smiley:


When can we expect the RPI 3A+ suppport? Is there a beta/pre-release available?


Hi Tim, we’ve done a lot of the work for this already and will hopefully have an initial release out within the next couple of weeks.


Hi Chrisys,

2.29 rev 1 works fine. Thanks, great work!


Yep, support for the 3 A+ was added in balenaOS 2.29.0. Here’s the GitHub issue that was tracking progress:

Glad to hear it’s working, Tim!