App for RPI3 and RPI4

Hi all,

We have an app for the Raspberry Pi 4, but we’d like to upgrade our current devices in the field to Balena. These are all Raspberry Pi 3’s. There is a Raspberry Pi 3 64-bit image with aarch64 architecture, which is the same as the Raspberry Pi 4.

My question is if the Raspberry Pi 3 image can be used and configured as the same app as the Raspberry Pi 4, or do I have to create an extra app for the Raspberry Pi 3? And thus create the same releases for app #1 and app #2.

FYI, I’m using openBalena but it’s probably not relevant.

Thanks in advance!

After some more searching the documentation, I see here (FAQs - Balena Documentation) that it’s possible. So I’ll definitely try this out asap!

Hi there - glad to see you found the right place in the docs! Let us know if you need any more help.