Support for Raspberry Pi 4

The Raspberry Pi 4 board was just announced this morning (link might be a bit slow, as there’s a lot of interest in there):

We are obviously very excited about it, and going to support this new board. Team is working on that. Starting this thread to hear any of your thoughts and feedback! Cheers, and we will keep you posted! :loudspeaker:


Hey @imrehg ,
perfect. Just wanted to ask whether it is already in the pipeline of supported devices ;-). Was the 64bit RPi image already the base for this?
May I ask what the current estimation is from your side on when we might get these devices supported?
Thanks a lot!

Hey @fritz :slight_smile: I think both 32-bit and 64-bit versions should be available (as two different device types). The way it seems, Raspberry Pi foundation’s Raspbian is focusing on backwards compatibility (thus 32-bit), while many many users I know want the new 64-bit set, even if it means smaller software availability (usually more advanced use cases). Hence the duality.

What’s your use case, what sort of things are you planning to run on this new hardware?

We are getting hardware for adding support, so will know more in a couple of days about the timeline. Should not take long (knock on wood), just we cannot be sure yet. :thought_balloon:

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our use case is to use the RPi4 for new customers. Right now we have around 150 devices in the field rolling out another 50 in the next 2 months. Till end of summer we plan to add another 200-250 and are planning purchasing now. So it would make sense to use the latest hardware as our software is cpu intense (frequent openssl operations), and improved performance on cpu level is very welcome :nerd_face:

So, hopefully no big hurdles on your side *fingerscrossed*


Just ordered one. Looking forward to trying it out with Balena :slight_smile:

:+1: +1 on this

We are developing an IoT device that is not yet released and we are going to use the RPi4 because of the additional RAM at a low additional cost (probably not all users will get the 4GB version, but some may).

Currently our devices have 8 microservices running of which two are .NET Core 3, so the additional memory is very welcome.

Looking forward to hearing about your progress! :smiley:

This is great news! Any updates on progress? I have a couple of these and would love to help beta test when you guys have something ready to test.

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Same! Mine just arrived. Looking forward to trying it out and getting a Swift app up and running :slightly_smiling_face:

Has anyone got a chance to try the backwards compatibility?

If we use balenalib/raspberrypi3 as a base image, would it work?

My rpi4 is stuck in mail still.

Any updates?

Hi. You can follow this issue here:
It contains some details on what is left to be done as well as we’ll have an ETA there



Is there any way to obtain the raspberrypi 4 beta image without using the balena cloud dashboard?
In my project I’m using balena-os directly and I would like to give the new image a try.
Thank you in advance!

Hello again,
I have just noticed that starting from today the balena os image is also available for download for the raspberrypi 4. Thanks again for an amazing work

Okej. I download img and flash it but i seems to get boot loops when it startup.
i see disk loading and green flash like it should.

Any of you have get this working with PI4 ?

I did get a basic image working on the Pi4, using the Balena base image.

However, we ran into a problem where the Pi4 experiences long network/CPU stalls while downloading large packages over the internet, so so far we haven’t been able to use it for “real” work: - maybe this is what you’re running into?

Hi, if you have a machine on which you can do a test with updating a certain firmware and then retest that would be really nice.
Here is the command you would do from the host OS webterminal:

cd /tmp && wget && chmod +x vl805 && ./vl805 -w vl805_fw_0137ab.bin && reboot