USB Pin Header pinout?

Hi can someone point me in the right direction or tell me what the correct pinouts are for the USB pin header Please

I don’t have a Fin with me, but I’ve found the following in the datasheet, section 3, item 35:

35, USB 2.0 4-pin header, Exposes a USB 2.0 port via male headers. pin1 is marked in silkscreen with a triangle

Does this information go in the right direction? (Is there a triangle on the board?)

(Once you know pin 1, I think the rest follows.)

Hi I found that too but no Triangle? also I need to know all pins


Hi @alinnz you are correct that the pin 1 is not properly marked as the datasheet suggests, I will make sure it is updated.

Regarding your question, pin 1 is the one closest to the coprocessor and the pinout follows the standard USB pinout, which is as follow:

1 -> Vcc
2 -> D-
3 -> D+
4 -> GND


Thanks Nico


I am looking for the specs on this USB pin out. I would like know if it is a third USB port?

Could I connect a cable and connector to it if? so is it in the /dev list?


Hello @asawizard ,

Correct that’s another USB port just like the other USB type-A ports. It’s actually a fourth USB port, there’re two type-A ports, the USB header and the USB interface on the mPCIe connector.


We use something like this to connect a 3rd wifi adapter to it on some deployed devices.

Hope that helps!

Nico, I have a mPCIe USB device plugged into the fin 1.1.1 but I’m not getting any power. Is there a GPIO command to power cycle the mPCIe port?


Let’s continue this on the other thread that you have replied to instead of this - balenaFin Crucial M500 120GB mSATA SSD