Fin - PCI-E Mini - Pinout



I was wondering what the pinout of the Fin’s PCI-E Mini port is? As I’m aware the USB, UART and I2C (Nano SIM) buses are exposed - is that correct?




Hey Alex! yes, you are correct - the missing part from full-spec is the PCI bus, since the CM3 does not have any. As you probably already figured out, the best way to ensure compatibility is targeting “USB mode” peripherials


Also, we will release the schematics for the board, that will allow you to have a deep look at it yourself, if you are interested :slight_smile:


Hi Carlo,

Ok great - I was asking because I’m thinking about throwing an FPGA onto a mini PCI-E card and was wondering how much bandwidth I had to play with! Excited to explore; I’ve been enjoying tinkering with the Fin, it’s a nice piece of kit!